I am a storyteller at heart, with equal parts creativity and logic. Combining 20 years experience in Interactive and Graphic Design and a Bachelor degree in Film Production, I offer a unique skillset to assist you in discovering the underlying problem and designing a solution that tells your story.

Previous opportunities working in Entertainment, Media, and Tech industries in Australia, Vancouver, New York and Los Angeles means I offer you a well-rounded world-view, with attention to diversity and equal opportunity. Familiarity with both agencies and in-house departments means I am comfortable in team environments as well as working with a variety of clients.

My passion for entertainment shines through in all aspects of my life, whether it’s creating a UI for a new streaming platform, designing key art and graphics for independent films, or working on a script for my own feature films and TV pilots.


20 years experience in graphic design and web design.


7 years experience in marketing, including advertising bookings, file delivery, SEO and social media management.

Art Director

Experienced Art Director for photo shoots, working with celebrities, food, and theme park attractions.

Project Management

Skilled with developing project timelines and ensuring consistency throughout all assets for marketing campaigns.

Licensed brands

4 years experience working with licensed brands such as DC Entertainment, Sesame Street, Harry Potter and WB Looney Tunes.

Efficient & accurate

Skilled in working smart and maintaining integrity of file contents to ensure efficient editing and delivery. Attention to detail to ensure accuracy (I'm great with grammar!).


The core skills I use daily are listed here. For more detailed information and additional skills, please review my resume.

Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign 98%
Asset Management 91%
Servicing and Tracking 82%
Social & Web Graphics 93%

Completed projects




Years design experience


Mouse clicks